December 03, 2020
Raising Roosters

On the farm, our farmers have had to think about what you might select for Christmas dinner since the Spring and Summer when day old chicks arrive to be raised for Winter. From the traditional turkeys and geese, you’ll find guinea fowl, Barbary and Aylesbury ducks, game birds, geese and…cockerels being raised for the Christmas table.  It’s fantastic to discover that some of our farmers raise cockerels for the Christmas table – and beyond.

May 12, 2020
7 questions with The Parsons Nose

COVID has affected many of our farmers and producers. The Parsons Nose Farm is owned by the Dobson family, who have been farmers, butchers and bakers for over 200 years.

December 06, 2019
Loving my local market; Eat Like a Girl

I hop skip and I jump to my local farmers market in Balham every Saturday morning.

June 19, 2019
20 years

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years but here we are! 

April 25, 2017
What's at the farmers market in spring?

Recently Cheryl took food writer and blogger Shu Han Lee on a market tour to see what's in season in spring and what's good to cook. Shu Han shared some of her recipes with us, see below.