British Game Week

Nov. 20, 2018

It's Great British Game Week; say hello to our game dealers at our markets this weekend and try something new!

Game is wild, natural, additive free and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative to beef, pork, lamb and chicken. And, as it's low in cholesterol and high in protein Game is one of the healthiest meats available today.   It's sustainable, good for the countryside with a low carbon footprint.

Newhouse GameThere's lots of recipe ideas for game to be found; maybe pappardella with venison? Or how about a game lasagne or southern fried partridge? And we love the sound of this braised partridge recipe with whisky sauce.

Winterbourne Game Chris NortcoteTalk to our game dealers at your local farmers market to find out more. Some of them bring ready prepared meals to market so if you don't want to cook they've done the work for you!

Look out for pheasant, partridge and wild duck, venison, wild boar and more.

pheasant dish