Celebrating our women farmers for International Women's Day

March 9, 2018

For International Women's Day we're raising the profile of some of the amazing women farmers we have selling with us.

Debbie Vernon, Ellie's Dairy.

Debbie produces unpasteurised goats milk on her farm on the North Kent Downs.  She looks after her herd of free range goats with a passion that's hard to beat. As well as making a whole range of delicious hard and soft goats cheese, she also makes time to come and sell it to you at markets. Debbie Vernon Ellie's Dairy

Jane Denley; Woodlands Jersey Beef

Jane's farm in Hampshire is dedicated to the ethical production of beef from Jersey bull calves that would otherwise have been culled at birth. You'll find her at markets, including Islington on Sundays, happy to recommend a cut of beef for your favourite recipes.

Woodlands Jersey Beef Feb 2014

Fabienne Peckham, Galileo Farm 

Galileo Farm is a traditional mixed organic farm in Warwickshire, with herds of cows, pigs, sheep and poultry, often sharing the same fields! Fabienne is a familiar sight at Parliament Hill and Marylebone; another of our farmers who finds time to look after her animals and attend markets on a weekly basis; she rarely misses a market.  Fabienne was a farmer before she met and married Simon, and still oversees everything on the family farm. 

Fabien BSY open day

Marjorie Stein, Eden Farms

For over 30 years, Marjorie has been growing organic vegetables on her farm on the Lincolnshire Fens. Starting life as a derelict 4 acre smallholding, the farm has grown to cover 70 acres of sustainable farmland. Marjorie comes to market every week (you'll usually find her at Parliament Hill) and has a wealth of knowledge and experience about growing and eating organic vegetables.

Marjorie Stein Eden Farms

Jennifer Inman Churchview Farm 

Jennifer is passionate about the beautiful cottage flowers she grows on her two and half acre smallholding in Kent. In season she'll cut and arrange bunches of them, and pick soft fruit she and her husband grow, to make into delicious preserves. It's always a delight to have them at Ransomes Dock

Churchview Farm, Jennifer Inman

Carole Ikin, Happy Cow Farm 

Carole brings her unpasteurised milk, butter and cream to Walthamstow farmers market every Sunday.  Her small herd of Ayrshire cows graze year round on lush Leicestershire pasture. No hormones or antibiotics. She loves talking about her milk and is always happy to offer a sample to anyone who's not tried unpasteurised milk before. 

Happy Cow Farm, Carole Ikin

Gilly Kiddy, Radwinter Wild Game

Gilly and her husband started their game business on their farm in North Essex.  Gilly continues to be involved in all aspects of the business and it's Gilly you'll find at Walthamstow farmers market,  selling her range of seasonal wild game. 

Gilly Kiddy, Radwinter Wild Game

Sandra Gilmore, Bee Friendly

Sandra has been selling her honey on our markets since 2000. Her apiaries are located in Harrow and Hertfordshire  and looking after them, and the bees is a year round commitment. Sandra also makes a range of beautiful beeswax candles, cosmetics and preserves.  You'll find her selling her range of delicious honey at markets including Notting Hill, Marylebone and Parliament Hill.

Sandra Gilmore, Bee Friendly

Linda Deme, Chegworth Valley

Linda and her family started selling juice and fruit grown on their farm in Kent, at our first market in 1999. It's safe to say that they've not looked back. Their farm has expanded,  from 15 acres in the 1980's to over 300 acres today, with new orchards planted, and new crops coming on board. Still, every Saturday throughout the year, you'll find Linda at Pimlico Farmers Market, greeting customers who've become good friends.

Linda Deme, Chegworth Valley

Jane Barker, Barker Organics

It took a lot of persuasion to get Jane and her husband David to leave their walled garden in Norfolk and come and sell their vegetables with us in London. Once they started, they loved it and so do their regular customers who come every week to see what's in season. Jane believes strongly in their biodynamic farming methods,  sticking to a system of crop rotation used in Norfolk since the 17th Century. It's served them well and they see no need to change it. You'll find Jane at Queens Park farmers market every Sunday. 

Barker Organics