Egg-stra news

June 18, 2020

If you're on our email list you'll have noticed we've been asking you to bring your egg boxes back to market to be refilled. Here's why.

Eggs were one of the first products to experience mass-shortages on retailers’ shelves as panic-buying gripped the UK.

According to free range egg farmer James Murdoch, many people have returned to work, not at home to bake and cook, and demand has died down. He hopes that customers who have discovered their local farmers market will stick to their new habits, now that they’ve found what fresh, free range eggs taste like! However, as egg sales have evened out, there is still a lack of egg boxes available. 

In March James ordered as many egg boxes as he could, was told they wouldn’t be delivered until July and had to pay up front for them. He’s since managed to order more, and they’ll also arrive in July but luckily has managed to find some from other sources which he's bringing to markets.

So why the scarcity of egg boxes? When restaurants and caterers had to close their doors, eggs needed to be diverted away from the businesses that usually take their eggs on open trays. In addition, there are only three egg carton manufacturers in Europe. The closest was closed, putting pressure on the others and leaving many farmers with a shortage of egg boxes. Some of our farmers have found sources, some had stocks in place. You may see egg cartons for 4 eggs at some markets.

James is grateful to the many customers who are bringing their egg boxes back to the market to be refilled, as are many of our farmers selling eggs. He would love everyone to keep it up once we’re back to normal!

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