You say tomato..

Aug. 16, 2017

We are loving the colourful tomato pictures you're sharing with us on your social media feeds. You're loving your tomatoes at our markets.

It seems only a few years ago that the tomatoes we could buy here were usually Dutch, hard as rocks and tasteless.  We had to travel to France, to Italy to savour the real taste of tomatoes and even today, many people think that tomatoes in the UK are bland. We disagree. 

British Tomato Week takes place at the end of May which to us seems a little early; we're only now seeing the glorious spread of tomato varieties at our markets. Traditional varieties, grown on a smaller scale and picked just in time for our markets are sweet, juicy and delicious. We eat cherry tomatoes out of the bag like sweeties. Look out for the many varieties on our markets. Larger varieties like Marmande, Oxheart and Coeur de Boeuf are beautiful sliced, sprinkled with salt and herb of your choice and left to marinate till you're ready for them. They're also fleshy enough to be a delight to cook with. 

Black Crim, baby plum, tiger striped,  Brandywine, green grape...take your pick. Ask if you can try before you buy; often you can.  And do continue to take your pics, we love seeing all of them!

Make a beeline for;

Eden Farms

Nigels' Lettuces and Lovage

Riverdale Organic Farm

Rockwell End House Farm

The Tomato Stall

Wild Country Organics